CCSAR-N rescues hiker during snowstorm

A hiker who set out towards the summit of a thirteener earlier this month with just a cotton hoodie to protect against winter weather was safely extracted by Chaffee County Search and Rescue after being caught in a snowstorm.

Falling boulder hits hiker on Colorado 14er, prompting helicopter extraction

Among the highest reaches of Colorado, loose rock tends to be ample, making it crucial to proceed with extreme caution when above treeline.

A search and rescue response that took place near the end of September highlighted this risk, when a hiker on the 14,077-foot Mount Columbia was struck by a falling boulder, sustaining an injury and requiring emergency rescue via a helicopter.

CO Gives Fundraiser to Purchase an E-Mountain Bike

While experience is the best way to learn, CCSAR-N would rather you NOT get your experience during a backcountry rescue. But if you get in trouble we will be there for you, at no cost to you. While we are always ready to help but sometimes we need a little help ourselves.


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