A man and a woman, both reported to be in their 70s, sustained injuries Tuesday when their side-by-side utility task vehicle (UTV) went off the road on the east side of Hancock Pass about ¼ mile below the pass.

Chaffee County Search and Rescue North received the call about 5 p.m., President Scott Anderson said.

Anderson said Search and Rescue workers at the scene reported the couple had pulled over to the edge of the narrow road to let another vehicle pass and got too close to the edge.

One wheel dropped off the road and the UTV rolled over.

A rescue staging area was set up at the Hancock town site on CR 295, about 5 miles up from St. Elmo, where Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services waited with an ambulance.

Anderson said the victims were extracted from the scene by UTV and transferred to the ambulance for transport to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center.

They were transported by ambulance because Flight for Life and REACH aircraft were unable to operate due to local weather conditions, he said.