CCSAR-N Facebook Post, 17-Dec-18

CCSAR-N received a page at 19:35 last night for an overdue hiker on Mt. Yale. The subject’s car was located at the Denny Creek TH. The hasty team started hiking up the trail at 20:40. Reach Air Medical did a flyover and spotted a flashing light about 500 feet southwest of the summit and scouted for a suitable LZ for insertion of more personnel and possible pickup of the subject. Flight for Life then inserted Team 2 on the mountain. FFL dropped off the first member of Team 2 just as Team 1 reached the LZ. Team 1, with the subject’s light in sight, continued up to make contact with the subject and assess the situation while FFL returned to fly in the second member of Team 2. Team 1 located the subject in very steep technical terrain, uninjured but extremely cold and exhausted. They were able to short-rope the subject down through the technical terrain and the two teams walked him down to the LZ where FFL airlifted him out at 04:30. Both teams were out of the field by 07:20. CCSAR-N would like to remind all backcountry hikers to be prepared for varying conditions, including extremely slick, wind-driven snow. Appropriate traction is vital on steep slopes where a slip can take one for a long, fast ride. Know your skill limits and be willing to turn around when conditions exceed them. Always carry the 10 essentials with extra layers for winter conditions; this hiker had a good headlamp which was visible for a long distance and was able to endure the 21 hours he was out there!